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Pyramid HomeWorks… Who Are We?

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Each project undertaken is unique, and so is each customer. With thirty years experience in construction, Pyramid has the technical expertise to handle your every remodeling need...and our warm and genuine concern for our customers is what sets us apart from so many contractors.

Remodeling is one part perspiration and one part inspiration. It’s the creative problem-solving skills that we brings to the table and help

transform your dreams into reality. Working with our team brings a sense of collaboration and support of understanding and commitment to meeting your needs.


are men who can not help doing whatever is given them to do better than others think worthwhile

What We Do and How We Do It

When you sign an agreement with Pyramid HomeWorks, you can rest assured that your project will be managed professionally and efficiently. We provide you with a detailed timeline for the project, priding ourselves in our ability to set realistic goals for completion and in meeting those goals in a cost-effective manner. We offer a blend of good, old-fashioned pride in craftsmanship and all the benefits of modern technology. In other words, we not only swing a mean hammer, we have the Design/Build software that enables us to create the project that’s the reason we’re picking the hammer up! We have also enjoyed numerous opportunities to partner with many talented and creative architectural firms in the area.

We are fully licensed and insured home improvement specialists and new home builders. We subscribe to numerous trade publications which help us stay abreast of all the latest construction materials and techniques. We have solid relationships with our suppliers and with a select number of trusted subcontractors… companies who, like us, have demonstrated not only technical proficiency but total commitment to customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing a contractor is a big decision. You’ll want to hire a company you can trust to give you the best value for your dollar, one with the demonstrated ability to create a space that is not only well-built, but also is aesthetically pleasing, one that respects your privacy and strives to keep disruptions to a minimum… one you won’t mind sharing your life with until your project is complete! That company is Pyramid HomeWorks. When you think of us, remember…

We Listen

  1. to your ideas
  2. to your concerns
  3. to your needs

We Respond

  1. with creative solutions
  2. with professionalism
  3. with efficiency

We Deliver

  1. contemporary craftsmanship
  2. a value-conscious product
  3. the expertise to make
  4. your construction dreams come true!

Recent Projects


For excellent customer service contact us. Our office is conveniently located off of the Baltimore Beltway at exit 34. Take Route 702 towards the Rockaway Beach community.

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